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Gyógynövénylak, the Herb Lodge, is an accommodation in the middle of our 14 hectare organic farm, the Valley of Herbs, on the edge of Zalaszentlászló.
Four upstairs bedrooms, each with their own bathroom and shower, are waiting for the guests who would like to rest. The meeting hall with the kitchen can be a common meeting place for up to 20 people.

  • All rooms are facing the garden

  • You can wake up to the chirping of the birds

  • Deer are often visiting the area

  • All our pets are sweet-tempered--you can pet them with supervision

  • You can participate in handcrafting workshops


The 14-hectare (35 acres) farm offers plenty of exciting opportunities to explore throughout the year, such as the beautiful scent of spring blooms, the summer delicacies of a vegetable garden and the blooming lavender in the herbarium, from which we locally extract the valuable essential oil.

In the fall, fruits are processed in our small factory into vitamin-rich juices for wintertime.


The Valley of Herbs offers countless opportunities for active recreation. You are welcome to take part in the care of our animals, gardening and in other farm activities
you are interested in.

Our seasonal activities (e.g. lavender distillation, juice making, fruit drying) may be just as interesting to you as our occasional programs (e.g. learning about herbs, making natural creams, hand crafting).

There are three famous thermal baths nearby (Hévíz, Kehidakustány, Zalaszentgrót) between the hills and vineyards of Zala, attracting tourists looking for a relaxing excursion.


Visitors feel relief as they step out from the rat race of city life, and suddenly become silent observers where the order of things follow the pace of nature. Here, the plants,
animals and humans all fit together well.

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