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The small team at the Valley of Herbs is prepared to give priority attention to our
visitors. Is the room and bathroom tidy and clean, with everything in its place in the
lounge? We who live and work here always think of hosting guests as a special
occasion. Already days before their arrival, we are wondering where they are coming
from and what brings them to us. Zsuzsa's theory, that “the Herb Lodge chooses its
own guests” seems to be confirmed. The vast majority of our visitors appreciate the
beauty of nature, healthy environments and organic farming. Most of them arrive as
strangers and leave as new friends.

Herb Lodge opened in 2018, run by the Herb Valley Social Cooperative. Our small,
but enthusiastic, cohesive community organizes a good variety of programs
throughout the year, from activities a few hours long, to 1 week camps, which can be
followed on our FB page. We are founding members of the Zala Thermal Valley
Open House Network, a local cooperative group in our small region producing quality
We help and recommend each other, organizing joint programs to improve the quality
and enjoyment of life here in the Zala Thermal Valley.
We want our guests to come back again and again and feel at home in the Valley of
Herbs as we do.



Contact us or simply fill out the form below
so we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your letter! 

We look forward to welcoming You!
A Gyógynövénylak megálmodói ...

Zsuzsa & Péter

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